How Much Does Good and A Brand New Mattress Cost?

Is it time to change your bed mattress with the new one? According to several sources, a bed mattress usually lasts between seven up to ten years. This also depends on how you look after your bed. If you take care of it well, then the bed can last up to a decade.

The question after that is this: How much does a mattress cost? Of course, this can get tricky. If it is very cheap but does not last more than seven years, then you will not be surprised by the price. After all, you get what you have bargained for.

However, if you pay quite a fortune and the bed mattress’ quality is disappointing, then that will be annoying. Not only you have lost a lot of money over a mattress that lasts only shorter than seven years, but you must also buy another one real quick.

Other things to consider are the materials the mattresses are made of. If you cannot determine the difference between latex, foam, and innerspring beds, then you need to do your careful research first. The last thing you need is having a sleepless night due to an uncomfortable bed mattress.

The Price Prediction for Good, Brand New Mattresses

A good and comfortable mattress can always bring joy
A good and comfortable mattress can always bring joy

So, a mattress cost depends on many factors.The prices for mattresses vary, between under $200 to more than $5,000. There are three things that also affect the prices of a mattress.

  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Height

The thing is, the price often proves its quality later on. So, if you wish to invest in a bed that will last for as long as possible, you might want to save some serious budget first. That way, once you purchase one, you will not have to do that until a decade later.

Popular Mattresses and Why Each Type is Different

Earlier, some of the mattress types have been mentioned. Which ones do you prefer? Before deciding on one, let’s have a look at each type to see why they are so different from one another.

This section will also explain the estimated prices for each type of bed mattress.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattress
Innerspring mattress

The beds using these mattresses are considered the traditional type of bed. With a bed of coils to support the bed, innerspring beds are covered by fiber or foam. These two are upholstery materials. Some of these innerspring beds also have two layers of the coil.

If the sleepers are on the heavy side, then innerspring beds are definitely for them. The formed coils inside function as a firm core to support the extra weight, so the bed will not sag easily. If you have little kids who still love jumping on the bed, then innerspring beds will also survive to be jumped on a lot.

Layers inside an innerspring mattress
Layers inside an innerspring mattress

Unfortunately, the comfort level is still not good enough without some extra padding. This means you have to have some extra pillows to avoid having back pain after sleeping.

The estimated prices

Innerspring beds may cost between $700 to $1200. For the Queen size bed made of innerspring, the cost might be about $950.

The durability

The cheapest innerspring beds will last between three to five years, while more expensive ones last longer than that.

The coil count

Higher coil count makes a better innerspring bed in terms of support and contouring. The safest coil count is at least 300 for a full bed, 400 for a Queen-sized bed, and 480 for a King-sized bed.

The coil gauge

The thickness of each coil inside the mattress also counts. The high-gauge coil is the thinner but springier and softer air bed. The low-gauge coil is the opposite, plus firmer pushback and more durability.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses
Latex mattresses

At first glance, a latex mattress might look like a memory foam mattress. However, there are two distinct differences that you can spot if you look closer.

  • A latex mattress is slightly bouncier than the slow-responding memory foam mattress.
  • Latex can also be produced from tree sap or with synthetic stuff.

Natural materials or else, latex mattresses are hypoallergenic. This means people with allergies will be happy to own this type of bed. Latex mattresses are pretty resistant to dust mites and mold.

With latex mattresses, you also get something that will last for a long time. Latex mattresses are durable and sleep cool. You will not sweat easily when sleeping on top of one.

The estimated prices

Of course, latex mattresses may cost you between $1,500 to $2,500. You can buy the Queen size bed for about $2,000.

About the natural versus synthetic latex mattresses

The natural materials are made of rubber trees, while the synthetic version is made by real people. Of course, natural latex mattresses are more expensive than synthetic latex products.

The manufacturing process

Dunlop or Talalay processes are two options for latex mattresses. What makes them different? Dunlop is heavier than Talalay, which means it serves stronger support. Talalay is denser, but it also costs more.

There are also latex mattresses made of both Dunlop and Talalay processes. They will also cost a lot more.

The number of layers used

The thicker the layers are, the more materials are used. It also means more production cost, which will also affect the sales prices of the air beds in the market.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattress
Foam mattress

At first sight, you will feel amazed at what this type of bed can do. Foam mattress is also called memory foam mattress. With foam mattresses, they can change shape and then return to their original form. This means foam mattresses will not give you a backpack while asleep.

This is because foam mattresses respond slowly to many pressures. Very soft and absorbent, foam beds conform to your body.

They also relieve your back pain and aches. The good part is, this kind of bed also absorbs the vibrations if you have a restless partner or edgy pet sleeping next to you.

Their movement will not disturb your sleep, thanks to the foam’s ability to absorb vibrations.

The old-fashioned foam mattresses might feel hot, especially in the tropical area. To avoid that, there is cooling gel to combat this unpleasant feeling while asleep.

Still, the foam mattress is a favorite to many. It is durable, according to many reviews from customers. This bed will last for a decade before you have to change it with a new one.

The estimated prices

To purchase a memory foam mattress, you must prepare at least between $600 to $1,200. If you would like to buy the Queen size bed of it, the price is about $900.

The type of foam

Polyfoam is commonly used for budget foam mattresses. Although polyfoam is more affordable, it also degrades over time quickly.

It feels hot too when you sleep on the bed. Unlike the basic version, memory foam mattresses with cooling gel and copper-infusion inside are much more expensive.

The foam density

For memory foam mattresses, the foam density affects the beds’ durability. Automatically, this will also influence the sales prices.

The low-density foam costs less than the dense, firmer foam. The latter also tends to last longer than the first.

The air flow

Some foam types have a convoluted design, which promotes air flow and cool the bed. Of course, this means the bed will also be more expensive.

Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses
Hybrid mattresses (

From the name itself, hybrid mattresses are a combination of plenty of things in one. With the support of coils and the latex or memory foam, you have this type of bed.

Although hybrid mattresses do not have the same bouncy-ness as innerspring mattresses, you can still make them bounce a little.

The latex or memory foam on the surface works wonders as an absorption. If you have a restless partner or house pet sleeping next to you, their erratic movements will not disturb your sleep.

Hybrid mattresses also have a cooling gel inside, since memory foam is the source of heat inside. Plus, the coils inside will keep you from sinking into your bed. You will not become like young Johnny Depp on “Nightmare on Elm Street” when the bed swallows him whole.

The problem with hybrid mattresses is the weight. Consisting of coils and latex or memory foam inside, beds like this are heavy. You definitely need help to move beds like this around.

Still, if you are the kind to want it all, hybrid mattresses have three benefits:

  • The firm support from the coils inside
  • A responsive bed
  • The bed’s slight ability to contour pressure relief
Features of a hybrid mattress
Features of a hybrid mattress (

The estimated prices

Since hybrid mattresses consist of two different things (the coils and the latex or memory foam), you might need to save up more to buy one.

The prices for this bed can go between $1,200 to $2,000. For a Queen-sized bed with a hybrid mattress, prepare about $1,650.

The quality of foam or latex

Whether with the cooling technology or using natural latex instead of synthetic, a hybrid bed will always be more expensive than other beds or mattresses.

The layers used

How many layers are there for a hybrid mattress? It depends on the availability of the budget and the marketing target. The more layers are used to create a hybrid mattress, the more expensive it also costs.

The coil quality

Micro-coils are almost the same as regular mattress coils, only smaller. This new feature is high-gauge and flexible in terms of wire quality. This feature adds more comfort for the sleepers but also costs a whole lot more than beds without micro-coils.

Air mattresses

An air mattress from INTEX
An air mattress from INTEX

Just like the name itself, these mattresses consist of air chambers for support. No coils nor foam of layers, many people know them as air beds. There are two versions of air mattresses, though.

  • Permanent air beds
  • Inflatable air beds

Permanent air beds are more expensive than inflatable air beds, though. Permanent air beds are great for your bedroom, while inflatable air beds are perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

Carrying them is also very easy. Keep them deflated, roll them into their bags, and only inflate them when you are at the camping site.

The great thing about having air mattresses is that you can adjust the level of the firmness level according to your comfort level. This means you can also lend your staying-over guests when they sleep over at your house.

What happens if the air mattresses sag in the middle? Well, since these mattresses are built with air, just add some more air in them. That way, sagging will not be an issue, no matter how often you dump your body weight on the same spot.

The price estimation

Air mattresses are the most expensive beds on this list. To purchase one, you will need around $1,500 to $2,500.

If you would like to buy the Queen-size of the bed, you must prepare about $2,250, and the bed is yours.

The remote controls

Since the bed can be inflated or deflated, some air beds use remote controls to do that. Some other air beds use online apps, but they are even more expensive than the ones with the regular remote controls.

The additional materials

Extra materials for air beds like latex, memory foam, or micro-coil system will make the air beds more expensive than the ones without.

The height of the mattress

The taller the bed, the more air chambers it needs. This means the bed will also become more expensive.

Other Factors That May Affect The Prices of Good, Brand New Mattresses

Besides the already mentioned facts, the price of mattress also depends on these other factors:

1. The cost of shipping

Some manufacturers may not charge you for the shipping, but others have a delivery cost. Chances are, you have to pay at least $100 for the shipping cost, especially if the company does not have a free delivery policy.

2. The returns

Just like with other online shopping or purchasing that involves delivery, always read the fine print before buying anything.

Some companies will fine you if you return the beds. Some manufacturers also offer free sleep trials, so use that opportunity to test the product first before you buy.

3. The white glove delivery

The white glove delivery is a term where the service also involves in-house assembly and packaging disposals. You might need to pay them about $99 and more for this service.

4. The foundations

Many mattresses may have foundation choices under the same brand. The prices may start at $150 the lowest.

Hopefully, this information will answer your question: how much does a mattress cost? The best bed will give you a good night sleep.

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