How Long Can Scabies Live in a Mattress?

How Long Can Scabies Live in a Mattress?

Caused by a microscopic parasite called Sarcoptes scabei, scabies is a skin infestation that can last for months if they remain untreated. Scabies or bed bugs can infect anyone, even the cleanest and neatest person, and doesn’t differentiate between race, nationality, or wealth.  Up until today, WHO records about 130 million cases regarding scabies. Being … Read more

Top Rated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers in 2022

Our take on what are the best memory foam mattress toppers in the market

A mattress topper has been known to complete and complement a mattress. There are various mattress toppers on sale out there. Some of them are made of memory foam and are quite a favorite to plenty of users. But what is the top-rated memory foam mattress topper?

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Best Rated Pillows to Sleep on Your Back: 6 Wedge Pillow Selections

Pillows to sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is considered the best and the healthiest snoozing pose since it enables you, your head, neck, and spinal back to rest in a neutral posture. It also poses no additional pressure on those mentioned body areas, hence you will be less likely to suffer from any pain or ache. However, this … Read more

What is Memory Foam Mattress – All Things You Should Know

An example of a memory foam mattress

Have you been wanting to replace your worn-out bed for a while? We’ve got you covered. Replacing your old mattress with a memory foam mattress is the easiest and fastest way to achieve that restful sleep full of wondrous dreams.

If you’re new to this cloud-like mattress, you might wonder, “is memory foam the best mattress?”. Cradling your body in every position and making sure that it is perfectly supported, the memory foam mattress is indeed your finest choice when it comes to the best sleeping experience.

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Best Pillows for People With Arthritis in the Neck

Best pillows for arthritis in the neck

The pains you feel on your neck, shoulders, or back after waking up has a great potential in making your entire body discomfort and ruining your whole day. 

It is generally said that a stiff, achy neck can be the general symptoms of what-so-called arthritis in the neck. Many studies also have revealed that having neck arthritis has caused sleeping disorders like insomnia and other health complaints.

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10 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Mattress for side sleepers.

What’s the best part of sleeping on your own bed? Right, it’s the perfect comfort when you’ve finally found the right position—not to mention the ever-familiar smell of detergent and your own odor. Each of us has our own’s favorite spot and sleeping style. Therefore, if your mattress doesn’t aid your sleeping style, you’ll likely … Read more

11 Best Mattress with Memory Foam You Should Consider Buying

Best memory foam mattresses

Sleeping is one of the most vital activities we do every single day that keeps us healthy. Poor sleep quality has been told as the cause of many health and mental problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or obesity. In contrast, getting enough good quality sleep would boost our physical and mental health, … Read more

How Long the Ideal Time Should You Keep a Mattress?

Hiding under the bed sheet

While buying a new mattress can be quite costly, your bed is the most used furniture in your house, meaning your mood, health, and wellbeing will heavily depend on its comfort. Buying a good mattress or bed is a decade-worth of investment.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a mattress can last for over eight years. However, you can keep your mattress or bed as long as it is still comfortable to sleep on—whether it’s five, eight, or even ten years long.

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