How To Easily Get Stains Out of A Mattress with Pee in 8 Steps

Cleaning pee stain is not that hard

Living with little children will get you to experience this. If they are still on potty training, sometimes this can happen. You ask them to go to the bathroom before sleeping at night, and they say no. It does not matter if they have drunk a lot of water during dinner. Living with house pets … Read more

Several Signs that Indicate You Have Bed Bug in Your Mattres

Signs of bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny in size yet huge in their harmful crime. These little, brownish insects invade a house, hide invisibly, and cause invincibly troubles. They will disturb your peaceful night sleeps into a nightmare.  

Although they cannot jump or fly, they are frequently misunderstood as mosquito since bed bugs surprisingly target the blood as their basic food. Not only make you wake up for sleepless nights, but they also add more harmful effects to your health.

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How Much Does Good and A Brand New Mattress Cost?

Cost of a mattress

Is it time to change your bed mattress with the new one? According to several sources, a bed mattress usually lasts between seven up to ten years. This also depends on how you look after your bed. If you take care of it well, then the bed can last up to a decade. The question … Read more

How to Check for Bed Bugs on a Mattress?

Bed bug

Bed bugs or Cimicidae are a parasite originated to infest bird nests. It is a small, brownish creature that feeds on warm-blooded animals’ blood in order to survive, including humans. Able to hide in the narrowest crevices, they will swell and reddens once they feed on blood.  While bed bugs can’t fly, they can walk … Read more

The Complete Guide: How to Clean & Wash A Mattress

Wash and clean mattress

When it comes to washing and cleaning the bed, most people tend to only focus on the surface. Yes, they only pay more attention to the sheets. They change the sheets and probably just hang the bed dry. No wonder their mattresses never last longer than three or five years. You need to know how … Read more

How Often Should You Get a New Mattress?

A girl relaxing in a brand new mattress

Wake up every morning with stiffness and aches due to uncomfortable tossing around overnight? Looking at your sagged bed, you start to think about how old is your mattress? It prevents you from getting a night of good sleep. Sleeping problems may be responsible for daytime drowsiness and tiredness that closely related to deteriorating performances … Read more

How to Easily Remove Blood Stains on a Mattress

Clean and remove blood stain from mattress

Somehow, blood got into your mattress. Now, you’re looking for a way to make it pristine clean again. Whether the stain is new or has deeply absorbed into the mattress, there are specific solutions for any kind of stain. Since blood contains numerous proteins in it, removing it might take more effort than other kinds … Read more