The Complete Guide: How to Clean & Wash A Mattress

When it comes to washing and cleaning the bed, most people tend to only focus on the surface. Yes, they only pay more attention to the sheets.

They change the sheets and probably just hang the bed dry. No wonder their mattresses never last longer than three or five years. You need to know how to wash a mattress.

A good quality mattress should usually last between seven to ten years. However, that means nothing if you do not invest in it. It also means really looking after it, from washing to cleaning it properly. Since a mattress may also cost a fortune, your idea to buy any is to have it for as long as possible.

Living with children and house pets at home means you need to look after the mattresses at home seriously. Babies, toddlers, cats, and dogs have a higher chance of peeing in bed than human adults. Cats and dogs also pee to mark their territory, so chances are they might do the same thing again on the same spots.

When this happens, you need to work harder to remove the pee stain and smell as well. The smell stays if you do not clean your mattress properly.

The stain is the same. Not only it will make the mattress look disgusting, but you will also feel uncomfortable. Plus, your dog or cat can pee on the same spot again when you are not looking.

It is the complete guide on how to wash a mattress. Whether it is a drink spill, a pee stain, or else, your mattress will be as clean as new again – just like before. In total, this helpful guide is useful to figure out:

  • The right time to wash your mattress.
  • The reasons why the mattress needs to be cleaned.
  • The mattress maintenance.
  • The way to clean a dirty mattress.
  • The removal of the nasty stains – blood, pee, vomit, sweat, mustiness, and even water rings.
  • The way to make a smelly mattress fresh again.
  • The way to wash different mattress types.
  • What to do when it is time to change your mattress.

The Right Time to Wash Your Mattress

So, when is the right time to wash your mattress? Even a single stain on it is enough for a sign to do so.

For people who prefer shortcuts, all they usually do is cover that up using a sheet that has just been freshly-washed. If the stain is bigger and you do not have time for proper cleanup, just turn the mattress over.

At first, the quick solutions above sound like a smart move. Unfortunately, in the long run, they will do more damage to your mattress in terms of durability. Plus, you will not get the beauty sleep that you need, since that can only happen with sleeping on a bed that is fresh and clean.

When is the right time to wash your mattress
When is the right time to wash your mattress

Before you start suffering from sleep disorders, do something about your bed. Tips on the right time to wash a mattress include:

1. When the spill occurs

The faster you do something about the spill once it occurs, the better you remove the spill.

2. The moment you notice the stain

The older the stain (whether from blood, urine, or sweat), the harder it is for you to remove it.

3. One time in a week

For people with asthma, there is no choice but to clean their mattresses once a week. That way, they will not share their beds with dust mites, like millions of them, on their mattresses. Relying on HEPA vacuum cleaner and professional treatment sounds the best way.

4. For four-seasoned countries, in summer and springtime

If you live in a four-seasoned country, spring and summer are the best seasons to wash a mattress. It is important, especially if you are allergic to pollen and prone to hay fever.

5. Two times in a month

Switch your sheets and clean the mattress with a vacuum twice a month to get rid of dust, flakes alias dead skin, and other small particles.

6. Two times in a year

To keep your bed’s durability, hire a professional for extra treatment on the mattress twice a year.

The Reasons Why the Mattress Needs to Be Cleaned

On average, humans spend 1/3 of their lifetime in bed. This amount is the same thing as 25 years or a quarter-life, which is why washing a mattress is very important.

According to CEO and Founder of – Jonathan Prichard, there is more to do than changing your mattress.

Since hygiene is the issue here, you must also take care of the mattress. Otherwise, there will be bug problems on it, and your health can be at risk too, along with your disruptive sleeping pattern.

All in all, your mattress will not last more than eight years, which will cost you more money to buy a new mattress too soon.

There are facts regarding your mattress that you need to know:

  • In average, adults sweat about 300ml of it each night.
  • In average, a bed has about 10 thousand of dust mites.
  • In average, adults shed their own skin almost 500g every year.

Knowing a lot of it end up in your bed, then there is no excuse to keep delaying or even bail out of this activity.

The Mattress Maintenance

If you have already done these things before, then keep doing them. For those of you who have not, consider these important for your mattress maintenance:

Keep your mattress clean, keep foods and drinks away from your bed
Keep your mattress clean, keep foods and drinks away from your bed
  • Do not eat and drink in bed.
  • Use a pad to protect your mattress.
  • For your little children, have a waterproof cover on their mattresses.
  • Protect your mattress with a special mattress protector.
  • Change your sheets regularly.
  • Do not allow your pets to sleep in bed with you.
  • Flip the mattress every year if possible, to get better airflow. Do that a few times.

Let your mattress be your only comfort zone and personal domain at home. That way, you will not have to wash a mattress all the time.

The Way to Clean A Dirty Mattress

Nothing good comes instantly. It is the same thing with a clean mattress. As part of the mattress maintenance, this is how you clean your dirty mattress:

  • Clean the mattress with a vacuum. Do this by utilizing the attachments for upholstery. It will give better results. It will be effective too.
  • Consider investing in a good quality HEPA vacuum to remove allergies and keep the triggers at bay.
  • Air out and deodorize the mattress. After that, cover it using a clean sheet.
  • Treat any stains with the techniques as described below.

Next, of course, is learning how to remove the stains from the bed.

The Removal of Nasty Stains

Clean mattress from stains
Clean mattress from stains

Depending on the materials that cause the stain, here are ways to wash a mattress to remove the stains:

1. From the bloodstains

The materials needed for cleaning bloodstains are:

  • Clean cloth
  • Bicarbonate soda
  • Salt
  • Coldwater
  • Powder for meat tenderizer
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Here is how to wash a mattress off the blood stains:

  1. Deep the cloth in cold water to blot the blood stain after that. Mix the soda water and salt into a paste with water. Apply the paste into the affected spot. Leave it there for 30 minutes before wiping it again with the damp cloth.
  2. Mix dishwashing soap (1 part) with hydrogen peroxide (2 parts). Apply the mixture on the bloodstain. Leave it there for some good minutes before using a clean cloth to wipe it off.
  3. Wet the bloodstain and create a mixture of powder for meat tenderizer and water. Keep the stain covered with the mixture and leave it alone for half an hour. After that, clean it with a damp cloth.

The powder for meat tenderizer is made of papain and bromelain, which are the enzymes from papayas and pineapples. These two materials crack proteins and split off amino acids from the blood. That is why this powder helps to remove the bloodstain.

2. From the urine

The materials needed for this are:

  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • White vinegar
  • Cleaner for upholstery
  • Baking soda

Here is how to wash a mattress off the urine:

  1. Use a paper towel to treat urine stain as soon as possible. With a mixture of white vinegar and water, spray the affected spot. Carefully blot it out with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if necessary, by wiping the spot clean with a damp cloth. Leave it in the open air to dry by itself.
  2. For old pee stains, use the same steps as the previous one. The only difference is to spray baking soda into the affected spot. Leave it until the next day before vacuuming the soda residue after that.
  3. Another way to treat dry, old urine stain is to use a cleaner for upholstery. Wet the affected spot and do the instructions as written on the product.

The next part is how to wash a mattress off the vomit stain.

3. From the vomit

The materials needed for this are:

  • Cloth
  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Essential oil

To remove the vomit stain, here are some steps to do:

  1. Pour the affected spot with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you do not wet it too much.
  2. Leave it for six minutes before you blot it out with a cloth.
  3. Sprinkle the same spot with baking soda, plus the essential oil. Let the mixture work its magic for the night.
  4. The next day, vacuum it all clean.

There are no specific scents for essential oil, as long as it helps to clean up the stain.

4. From the sweat

Sweats can cause lots of problem to your mattress
Sweats can cause lots of problem to your mattress

Never underestimate sweat, because the stain can also cause problems for your mattress’ durability. Here are some of the things you need to clean it up:

  • Sponge
  • Detergent powder
  • Borax
  • Water

To wash a mattress off the sweat stain, these are the ways:

  1. Slightly dampen the stain with water. Sprinkle that affected spot with borax powder. Lightly scrub it with the sponge and let the mattress dry on its own. After that, vacuum the residual. Repeat this process if needed.
  2. Mix some detergent powder up with some warm water. With a sponge, cover the affected spot with detergent powder. Rub the mixture in with a circular motion. Do that and watch the stain starting to fade. After that, start rinsing the sponge to remove the soap suds off. Let the mattress dry on its own.

After this, we will know how to clean the mattress from the water-rings.

5. From the water-rings

Here are the things needed:

  • Paper towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Wet cloth

Here is what you can do to get rid of the water-rings from your mattress:

  • Wet the affected spot using water. Dilute it and turn it into a new wet spot.
  • Put a few layers of kitchen paper on top of the affected area.
  • Top it over with something heavy — for example, a book.
  • Switch the towels for a few turns. Turn on a hairdryer to quicken the process for the mattress to dry.

The Way to Make the Smelly Mattress Fresh Again

Clean and dry, but still smelly? Here are the things you need to freshen up your mattress:

  • Baking soda
  • Essential oil

These are the ways to do the job:

  1. Spray enough baking soda over the mattress. Do not forget to mix it with a few drops of essential oil.
  2. Leave the bed for about an hour.
  3. Vacuum the mattress’ surface.

Baking soda has done wonders in covering up odors.

The Way to Clean Up Different Mattress Types

In short, you need to watch out for different materials when cleaning up a mattress. If your mattress is made of latex, avoid using harsh chemicals.

Latex is made of rubber, so you do not want to ruin that. With memory foam mattresses, use a good deal liquid amount. Waiting for it to dry may cause mildew issues and the growing mold.

The Next Step: When to Change A Mattress

So, when is it the right time to change a mattress? Some of the factors are already visible. For example: if the mattress is already worn-out, it will badly impact your sleep quality. You will wake up with serious back pain and a headache if you keep sleeping on it.

The point is, no matter how diligent you are in looking after your mattresses, there will be a time when they no longer function well. When it is the time, washing it regularly no longer works.

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