Pillows to sleep on your back

Best Rated Pillows to Sleep on Your Back: 6 Wedge Pillow Selections

Sleeping on your back is considered the best and the healthiest snoozing pose since it enables you, your head, neck, and spinal back to rest in a neutral posture.

It also poses no additional pressure on those mentioned body areas, hence you will be less likely to suffer from any pain or ache. However, this kind of sleeping style is not quite good for those with sleep apnea or able to worsen snoring.

Still, don’t fret. For back sleepers, just keep in mind to use a pillow that can sufficiently lift and support your head. A wedge pillow can be one of the best pillows to sleep on your back.

A wedge pillow can be defined as a triangular-shaped pillow with a tapered slope design to maintain a half-upright posture during sleep. Therefore, this pillow can go by many different names, such as a triangle pillow due to its triangular shape, a bed wedge, or a TV pillow since most people use it to support their back and allow proper sitting position while watching TV or reading.

A bed wedge is mostly multipurpose as you can use it for different functions depending on your needs or preferences. Still, usually, they are used to support your head and upper torso, leg or knee lift.

Wedge pillows are also available in a wide range of options; they can be based on their foam density, angle inclination, height, size, and cover material.

The high-density memory foam is vastly chosen as the best material for durable and breathable as well as comfortable wedge pillows. They can have only a single or multiple layers of foam that will be related to their inclination property.

The most common inclination is 15- to a 30-degree angle. Some of these wedge pillows are adjustable; therefore, they can be a good solution for any sleeper style.

Meanwhile, the highest wedge pillow can stand about 15-inch tall, whereas the middle range is approximately 10 to 12 inches. Even though not the best consideration for relieving or treating any medical problems, the higher one may be helpful to avoid sore muscles, aches, and pains you may experience when waking up.

So, for you who like to sleep while looking at your room’s ceiling, read on the following list of some six wedge pillow picks as one of the best pillows to sleep on your back style.

FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Why You Should Buy

Perfect for you who prefer to sleep on your back, this incline-shaped pillow is highly helpful for reducing or even relieving some sleep-related problems or pains, such as acid reflux, breathing complications, snoring, neck pain, and backache, headache, or allergies.

A premium offer by FitPlusof, this bed wedge pillow is designed to give a restful sleep as it supports your upper back and shoulders, thus promoting a better posture while dozing off the whole night.

Coming in a 24” x 28” x 7.5” size, this pillow boasts its 2-inch high-density memory foam lying as the top part and premium-grade polyurethane foam as the base part.

This material satisfies your need for comfort and therapeutic features since the foam is likely to mold immediately—following the contours of your head, neck, and shoulders, as well as the spine.

FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow is available in an exquisite ergonomic design, providing helpful support to your upper extremities that will lead to proper angled and elevated posture. This gradual slope position will make you breathe easier, reduce snoring, and prevent other spinal, neck, or shoulder health issues.

As a multi-function pillow, this wedge not only can be applied while you are sleeping, yet it can be used in some other different ways:

  • Stand it upright behind your back while reading in bed, watching TV, or in other reading postures.
  • Place it under your legs to lift your legs and feet, to relieve your tired legs, or care after surgery.

Don’t fret about allergies as this high-quality memory foam wedge pillow is also fitted out with a pleasantly soft-textured and breathable pillow cover. Not only keeping the temperature while you are resting or napping, but this pillowcase is also easily removable and machine washable.


  • Highly comfy
  • Adequately large wedge
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Colored-lasting pillowcase
  • Durable and firm 


  •  Quite hard to adjust to the slope
  • Make the body easily to slide down
  • Too firm for some people
  • Off-gassing smell for a few days

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Why You Should Buy

One of the best pillows to sleep on your back, Brentwood Home Zuma offers its premium quality therapeutic foam wedge-shaped pillow.

Back sleepers love this sort of cushion since it provides support and elevation to the upper torso. Another application is under your legs—for recovery, improving circulation, or simply to ease your legs’ tiredness. Meanwhile, side sleepers can have it as a trunk stabilizer for on-side-lying. 

Those above properties can be attributed to the pillow’s pad, ideally designed for sleeping or back resting. At the same time, the brilliant gradual slope provides a combo of inclined horizontal area for the head and a full lowermost space for your waist and back to rest.

As a result, the design helps position the torso properly to create a positive posture of anti-reflux, therefore highly perfect for those suffering from acid reflux. The gradual slope also relieves breathing issues as well as neck and shoulder aches.

This therapeutic wedge pillow can be an alternative solution for other wellness problems like respiratory difficulties, snoring, poor circulation, Hiatal hernias, and back or neck troubles.

Available in a quite huge size of 7” x 24” x 24”, this pillow is covered with an ultra-soft stretch knit of premium quality bamboo viscose case in sleeker texture helping the pad to be better breathable. Equipped with a zipper, this pillowcase is easy to care for, removable, and washable. 


  • Gradual slope 
  • Ideal for back sleeping
  • Ideal for leg resting
  • Ideal for sitting up
  • Natural bamboo viscose case
  • Breathable memory foam pad
  • Easily removable pillowcase zipper 
  • Washable pillowcase


  • Hard to lean on some individuals
  • Expanding and shaping can take a while.
  • Slight odor after packaging 
  • Can be too stiff for some sleepers

Relax Home Life Bed Wedge Pillow 

Relax Home Life Wedge Pillow

Why You Should Buy

One of the best pillows to sleep on your back, Brentwood Home Zuma offers its premium quality therapeutic foam wedge-shaped pillow.

Another leading design in wedge pillow, Relax Home Life offers its superior product that is good for back, side, and stomach sleeping preferences.

This triangle-shaped wedge features two types of foams: a 1.5-inch memory foam as the top layer that really clicks on to any sleeper style and a firm base foam as the bottom layer which will elevate dan support your upper body.

The pillow is indeed versatile as you may use it for various purposes, such as:

  • Put it under your back, it will lift up your torso which leads to a relaxing sound sleep or simply an energizing daytime nap. 
  • Place it upright at the back of your spine for a comfortable sitting position while reading or watching TV 
  • For expectant mothers, this pillow is able to support the tummy while lying on their side. 

Made of a great combination of 60% polyester and 40% natural bamboo, this wedge pillow is outfitted with a soft, deluxe, and breathable bamboo viscose case.

This material offers good air circulation that will keep you cool all night long. It is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, therefore maintaining allergy-free. Moreover, the pillow cover is easy to remove and wash.

Highly ideal for not only adults but also children, this Relax Home Life Bed Wedge Pillow is really helpful in relieving acid reflux, GERD, and heartburn.

It’s also good for helping breathing issues, post-nasal drip, snoring, coughing up head pains down to aches on the neck, shoulders, back, arm, knee, and leg. Besides, it provides a 100% lifetime warranty.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Premium quality
  • Memory foam and firm base
  • Has a bamboo cover
  • Available in three size options
  • 100% life warranty


  • Easily slides off
  • A faint odor for a few days
  • Too plain design for some 

HealthSmart DMI Wedge Pillow

HealthSmart DMI Wedge Pillow

Why You Should Buy

This pillow boasts its dual-sided comfortableness, where you can use the egg-crate side for obtaining cushioned and supportive comfy state due to improved air circulation. Besides, flip over the wedge on the flat side if you are looking for firmer support.

This wedge pillow by HealthSmart is characterized by its high-density foam that is so soft for your ultimate comfort. It’s also firm enough to maintain its shape to provide you with the required support.

It is a multipurpose one. When placed under your upper torso, it provides relief for acid reflux, respiratory issues, or neck and shoulder pains.

If put under your legs, it helps to alleviate some symptoms of knee, leg, or backaches. Alternatively, when standing upright behind your back, can properly position your body posture while sitting up, reading, or watching TV.

Not only highly functional, but this HealthSmart DMI Wedge Pillow is also decoratively captivating with its unique intricate motif for the cover design. This pillowcase has Nanotex fabric improvement repelling liquid and protects against spills.

The cover is also not only hypo-allergenic, made of super soft brushed microfiber, equipped with a poly-cotton zipper, but also easily removable and machine washable.

This pillow is available in three different size choices of 7 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches.


  • Gradual slope
  • Dual-sided comfort
  • Soft yet firm
  • Multipurpose
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Attractive design 
  • Zippered pillowcase
  • Machine-washable pillow cover


  • It may be too firm for some sleepers
  • Too hard for some users

Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow

Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow

Why You Should Buy

Another good choice of the best pillow to sleep on your back. Ebung comes with its 25” x 24” x 12” memory foam wedge pillow, designed especially for relaxing and recreational resting.

Featuring its premium quality of high-density memory foam, this pillow will give you a soft cushion that aligns pleasantly along the curvature of your back or legs. It will nicely elevate your head or upper extremities, or you can simply recline to obtain instant comfort.

The foam is also toxin-free and hypo-allergenic. Thus, it will be gentle to your skin and won’t be easily heated up, and make you stay cool all night.

This pad is covered with highly durable and breathable material preventing moisture from crawling in as well as immersion of dust, thereby keep better hygiene.

The pillow cover won’t let you easily slide or slip. It is also easy to care for due to its removable case design and machine-washable feature.

Ultimately, particularly designed for effectiveness, Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow is highly versatile and multifunctional as well.

You can use this inclined pillow not only for elevated sleeping but also as a couch cushion, supportive pregnancy cushion, or simply to spoil your tired legs.


  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Multipurpose design
  • High-quality, durable material 
  • Breathable material
  • Removable pillowcase
  • Easy to care 


  • Too firm for some users
  • Too hard for some sleepers

Cushy Form Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Cushy Form Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Why You Should Buy

This pillow boasts its dual-sided comfortableness, where you can use the egg-crate side for obtaining cushioned and supportive comfy state due to improved air circulation. Besides, flip over the wedge on the flat side if you are looking for firmer support.

Sleep on your back with this unique folding bed wedge offered by Cushy Form. It also will give you a 5-in-1 multi-functional design as well.

Made from soft and breathable, as well as an ultra-thick of a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, the multi-purpose 5-in-1 design provides multiple incline levels for your head, back, and leg supporting, namely high incline, low incline, sitting knee elevation, and leg elevation.

In other words, you may adjust this wedge-shaped bed pillow at a 30-degree or 60-degree angle to give your preferred support or elevation.

As a result, different inclinations will have their own benefits like improving blood circulation, better respiratory, lessening snoring and heartburn, as well as relieving your backache, knee pain, and more.

The memory foam is able to retain its shape and the pillow cover is highly soft as well as easily removable for machine washing. 


  • 5-in-1 design
  • Adjustable height and foldable 
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Multipurpose 
  • Antimicrobial cover
  • Easily zippered removable cover
  • Machine-washable cover


  • Somewhat too larger
  • The height is not for short users 
  • Easily slide down
  • Quite difficult to adjust 
  • Too hard for some people

Recognized as one of the best pillows to sleep on your back, wedge pillows are more therapeutic as they can ameliorate pressure and some known symptoms of health issues, as well as for different styles of sleepers. 

Apart from those above reasons, there are, of course, some other considerations before purchasing your wedge pillow: your budget, your bed size or the size of the pillow itself, the inclination you want, how thick the foam is, the cover fabric material, the design, and so on.

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